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Lucy Kincaid Novels, #7

In STOLEN, the sixth book in the Lucy Kincaid series, Sean Rogan takes center stage as his past catches up with him, both in falling back in with his old “gang” and being chased by someone who feels Sean is nothing more than a criminal. This is a great read that keeps you turning the page, especially when Sean is set up to work with Agent Noah Armstrong, a man who doesn’t like Sean and has feelings for Lucy.

I’ve always enjoyed Sean’s character, but you couldn’t help like Sean a little bit more as he shows us what he would do to ensure he had a clean slate. That clean slate is important because he wants to make sure nothing from his past could possibly taint Lucy as she closes in on her graduation date. But it also brought up all the issues between himself and his brother, Duke. Stirring all this up made Sean prioritize what was important to him and if it was time to forge his own path.

While Lucy’s not the main character, she’s still very much involved (since this is about her boyfriend) but from somewhat of a distance. Her faith in Sean was apparent from the very beginning and went a long way in helping Sean realize that what he was doing, was really more for him than it was for her. Even still, she made sure that she was by his side, no matter what.

When Sean Rogan is giving the opportunity to help in an FBI investigation and clear his name, he jumps at the chance. Nothing is more important to him than Lucy Kincaid and he doesn’t want his past to catch up with her as she’s about to graduate the FBI Academy. While Sean knew working with his old friends could be dangerous to his relationship with Lucy and his brother, he didn’t know it was going to turn deadly.

Book Blurb for Stolen

Nothing is more important to private investigator Sean Rogan than his relationship with FBI trainee Lucy Kincaid. But when his past catches up with him, Sean faces an ultimatum: clear his name and help the FBI take down a rogue agent, or go to prison and lose everything he holds dear. With only Agent Noah Armstrong as his back-up and forced to keep Lucy in the dark, Sean steps back into his old world. But the longer he’s undercover, the more dangerous the game becomes. More than Sean’s future with Lucy is at stake—so is his life.

Lucy can’t imagine Sean would keep secrets from her—until an FBI agent casts doubt about who he really is…and who he used to be. Why did Sean quit his job with his brother and move to New York? Why hasn’t he told her anything about his new job? With more questions than answers, Lucy doesn’t know who to believe or who she can trust. All she knows is that Sean is in grave danger, and this time, it’s personal.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00