Slap Shot

Hot Ice, #3

Dana Wilcox has turned her life around. She's left behind her seedy past and started her event planning business, Best Laid Plans, and it's thriving. She's determined to stay focused on building her business and making it a solid success. That determination includes remaining celibate. Unfortunately, her best laid plans weren't ready for Rick "Ramrod" Lewis.

Rick is determined to get a date out of the gorgeous event planner when he sees her at his teammates wedding. What started out as a light and flirty attempt to get her attention with cheesy pickup lines, turned into determination to get her to notice him and agree to a date. He even goes so far as to follow her into her office, after being turned down again, in order to get her to agree. What he got instead was a wild thing that made his blood boil and his need for her to grow.

Dana let her past mold her into a woman who was determined to succeed in her new life, but at a cost to herself. She was convinced that by not having a man in her life, it would prevent her from going down the slippery slope into the seedy life she lived before. But she wasn't ready for Rick's determination to get what he wanted and what he wanted to Dana.

Rick was always content with his one night stands. Even after a one night stand turned into a stalker, he was still happy with one night of fun with a woman and moving on. But something in Dana called to him and made him want to be with just her. He fought for her, despite her best attempts to put a stop to whatever was going on with them. That makes me like Rick the most out of the 3 male leads in this series.

This was a fast paced, sexy story with a male lead that will make everyone want a big bad hockey player to protect them at night.

Book Blurb for Slap Shot

Life and death matters take on a whole new twist when a quirky funeral planner tries her hand at matchmaking for a prominent playboy.

Six months ago, Cassidy Baldwin was among Milwaukee’s leading wedding planners, until she became the scapegoat for a corporate scandal. Now the only job she can land is organizing over-the-top themed funerals for her best friend’s family business.

Then the city’s most affluent and eccentric philanthropist dies, and Cassidy is hired to fulfill the woman’s deathbed wish: find a wife for her playboy nephew, Ryan Mitchell.

Ryan’s always avoided the spotlight, and he’s not thrilled by the media attention spawned by this final decree. If he doesn’t marry within the year, however, his aunt’s quirky staff will lose their home and livelihood. So he wants Cassidy to find him a Ms. Right Now that he can ultimately divorce, but she’s determined to find him a true soul mate since the right match could launch a new matchmaking career for her. Too bad she seems to understand him better than any of the potential brides she’s found.

Is it worth risking a real chance at love to arrange a fake wedding?

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.50