She Tempts the Duke

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She Tempts the Duke

Lost Lords of Pembrook

Lorraine Heath knows how to create a hero who appears so broken that you almost doubt anything can make that man whole again. But she always has a heroine who is up for the task. The fabulous couple in this book does not disappoint.

Sebastian Easton, Duke of Keswick, has spent the past twelve years fighting his way back to his birthright and his brothers. When their father died in a mysterious riding accident, Sebastian, his twin Tristan and their younger brother Rafe were locked away in a tower on their estate and facing certain death. But they were freed by Sebastian's best friend, Mary Wynne-Jones, who then helped them to escape.

Mary prayed she would see her best friend and his brother again. To help them, she broke her vow of secrecy and tried to enlist the help of her father. Instead of helping her, he sent her off to a nunnery hoping that life would tame her wild ways and save her. It seemed to work, since she was able to secure herself a fianc‚ in her first foray into a London season. But everything changes when the lost Lord of Pembrook re-emerges.

Sebastian is bent on revenge and having his rightful place as the Duke of Keswick restored. The acts of their uncle lead Sebastian to making decisions at fourteen that changed not only him but his brothers as well...and not for the better. Sebastian is riddled with guilt at having separated the brothers and what they had to endure alone. In addition to that, Sebastian was gravely injured and scarred during the battle of Crimera. He sees himself as an ugly beast that no one can bear to look at. He's positive that returning to their ancestral seat, Pembrook, at setting everything right will take away his nightmares and make him happy.

Mary, who is engaged at the time Sebastian re-emerges, realizes that in the past twelve years she's been hiding her true self. With Sebastian she can be the stubborn, sarcastic, sharp tongued woman that she is without having to fear someone will think less of her. She sees past the ugly scars to the heart of the man who was the boy she loved dearly all those years ago.

In the tradition of Beauty and the Beast, this story show us that true love does not depend on one's looks or the depths of their pockets but what lies within.

Book Blurb for She Tempts the Duke

Once upon a time, there were three brothers. Three sons, three rightful heirs to a powerful duke. But when the duke died suddenly, their uncle laid claim of his own, locking away the young brothers. Their crime: existence. And so they escaped and separated to the corners of the Kingdom: to sea, to the streets, to a far away battle, until they were old enough to return and reclaim what was theirs. Stony hearted and hardened by his years in regiment, Sebastian Easton returns to London more a roughened soldier than an illustrious duke. But even as he works to reclaim his one desire, he cannot forget the debt he owes to the girl who helped him and his brothers escape so long ago. And when he learns she is being forced to marry a wretched older man, Sebastian is determined to save her, out of duty. Mary Wynne-Jones paid dearly for her role in helping the brothers. She was sent to a convent, and dreamed of the day when Sebastian would save her. But the man who comes to her rescue isn't the one she dreamed about. Disfigured and harsh, he is hardly the dashing prince she'd imagined. Sebastian finds reclaiming his title much easier than reclaiming his place in society. As danger mounts from a familiar corner, Sebastian may have to choose between the title that has obsessed him and Mary, whose love has the power to set him free.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25