Sea Orphan

After assuming her family had been killed in a home invasion, Rebecca Ferguson jumped from her bedroom window and into an inflatable dinghy, hoping to escape the same fate as her family. She ends up washing ashore on an island owned by Lucien Moore.

After a broken engagement, Lucien Moore buys and island off Queensland and become a recluse painter. While wondering the shoreline for trash, he spots Becky and her now deflated boat. He takes her to his cabin, thinking he's saved a young girl. With no means to communicate with the mainland he decides to nurse the girl back to health before sending the smoke beacon for a boat to come.

So begins the journey towards HEA for Becky and Lucien. It's by no means an easy trip. She's abducted from the island and has amnesia. Lucien spends months searching for her but doesn't seem to be able to catch the break he needs, until his private detective finds an announcement that breaks Lucien's heart.

Although the basic premise for the book was very promising, the story lost me with all the sex. I have no problem with erotic books, when the sex plays a part in the story, but some of the scene just didn't feel like they needed to be part of the story or took away from it because they seems unnecessary.

I also wished we had gotten more history on why Lucien felt the need to withdraw from society to live on the island and also what Becky's fight for her health did to change the person she was. I think this information would have added to the characters and made the sex not so overwhelming.

You get lots of sex with an interesting story line.

Book Blurb for Sea Orphan

One stormy night, Becky's home is burgalarized. After she hears the thieves shoot her parents and her brother, and they go after her, she flees from the house terrified for her life. Her only escape is to take the boat out to sea. Only she heads right into the eye of the storm.

Lucien Moore has escaped from a broken relationship and the madness of business and city life. He bought the island he lives on and became a recluse. Every day he scours the beaches for debris tossed overboard from yachts and pleasure boats. When he finds a near naked young woman washed up on the beach, he thinks she's dead at first, but she's not. He takes her back to his cottage and cleans her up. He thinks she's quite young.

When Becky wakes up she finds herself in a strange bed. When she meets Lucien for the first time, she's shocked that she was saved by a wild looking man, yet this wild man is incredibly handsome. She mourns the loss of her parents, her brother. The last thing she remembers seeing are the flames that devoured her parental home. A deep fear has settled within her to return to the mainland. She finds out that Lucien has no boat, that he has to wait for his supplies to be delivered every six months, and he has no way of communicating with the mainland. She also doesn't tell him her real age but leaves him with the impression that she's very young.

Lucien fights his growing attraction for the seductive sea orphan he found on the beach. Finally he gives in to temptation and has to fight with his conscious about making love to such a young woman. But life interferes. The happiness and love he's longed for so long escapes him when Becky suddenly disappears.  

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.25