Rescue Me

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Rescue Me

Sadie Jo Hallowell has always marched to her own drummer. Being raised by a non-emotional rancher after her beauty queen mother died had taught her that the only person she should make happy is herself...after all she could never seem to please her father.

Back home to Lovett, TX for a cousin's wedding, Sadie dreads the questions about her single status and the fact that she doesn't come home, but she also wonders if she and her after will ever have a better relationship. What she wasn't expecting to find was a huge man and his truck broken down at her family ranch's driveway.

Vince Haven has spent the past 5 months trying to figure out what he's going to do. Now that his sister is going to marry the father of her son, he figures the job that he held as caregiver to them was over and he needed to find another meaning to his life. He just didn't think that new direction would come in the form of a Gas and Go and the feisty blonde who saved him roadside.

This was a cute story with an entertaining cast of characters, that any reader of Rachel Gibson knows, are larger than life and supplement whatever storyline is occurring with the hero and heroine. While they aren't as over-the-top and funny as previous books, they still add comic relief.

Vince and Sadie are cute together. Both of them have issues that seem to draw the two of them together (which Sadie points out rather well), but it takes some pretty serious soul searching before either of them can hope to have a healthy relationship.

Not my favorite of Rachel Gibson's books, but still very entertaining with a few laugh out loud moments that were priceless.

Book Blurb for Rescue Me

Honorably discharged from the Navy SEALs, Vince Haven is restless. It’s not easy for a man trained at one of the highest military levels to return to civilian life. He’s been wandering ever since being released from service. When his Aunt Luraleen calls with a business proposition in Lovett, TX he’s got nothing holding him back.

Sadie Jo Hollowell left small town living, beauty pageants and bake sales behind fifteen years ago. She’s got flat hair, high heels, and no roots tying her down; just the way she likes it. When one of Sadie’s young cousins asks her to be in her wedding she can’t wait to get back to normalcy and escape the aunts pestering her about why she isn’t married yet. When life unexpectedly keeps Sadie in Lowell longer than planned she finds the perfect distraction in Vince.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00