Crystal and Brent were set to get married. Evan, Brent's best friend, decides an hour before the wedding to profess his love for Crystal in hopes that she'll leave Brent and ride off with him. Brent catches them in a passionate embrace and leaves Crystal at the alter.

That is the beginning to Insatiable and things get more confusing after.

The premise of the story, two best friends in love with the same woman and she with them, is solid. But where I got lost was the emotional entanglements in the storyline. Brent loves Crystal. Crystal loves Brent. Evan loves Crystal. Crystal's is attracted to Evan. Brent's attracted to Evan but he doesn't want to be. Evan will do what it takes to stay with Crystal. My mind was bouncing around like a pinball with all the confusion on who love who. Add in the sex element and sometimes I was just as confused as one of the characters, because they would have sex and then one of them would stomp away mad or confused over something.

Considering how confused our threesome were on the mechanics of their relationship, I would have liked a little bit more emotional development and not have the ending tied together quite so quickly and tidy. If that were done, I think it would have made this a much emotionally charged read that would have kept my interest a little bit more.

Book Blurb for Insatiable

How far would you go for a taste of ecstasy?

Crystal never dreamed her engagement would end this way. With her fianc‚ breaking her heart the day of the wedding.and his best man stepping in to mend it.ÿ Now she's about to embark on her dream honeymoon with the sinfully sexy best man.ÿ But when the groom shows up determined to win her back, she ends up in a highly unusual situation.on a honeymoon for three. Caught between two gorgeous guys-each determined win her hand by showing her the most pleasure-Crystal has an impossible decision to make. ÿWho will she end up with once the honeymoon is over?ÿ And how can she follow her heart when it belongs to two men at once?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.25