If I Should Die

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If I Should Die

Lucy Kincaid Novels, #3

Lucy Kincaid and Sean Rogan have gone to the small town of Spruce Lake to enjoy a romantic weekend away and help resort owner, Tim and Adam Hendrickson, figure out who has been vandalizing the property right before its scheduled opening. What Sean and Lucy don't know is there is an entire criminal underworld running within Spruce Lake and it's about to be blown wide open, with Lucy and Sean smack dab in the middle of it.

This was a great story that has me adding the first 2 Lucy Kincaid books to my TBR pile. Lucy is a wonderfully strong character, who reminds me of a cross between Eve Dallas and Kay Scarpetta. She's flawed due to events her past but she's trying to move on both with her professional life in the FBI and in her relationship with Sean.

Sean is one of those alpha males I love so much. The kind that loves to take charge and do whatever he needs to do to protect the ones he loves, even cross the lines between right and wrong if needed. While Sean may have led a life on the wrong side of the tracks, he's changed and part of the reason for that change is Lucy.

The two of them together make one of those couple that you know will solve every crime put in front of them while dealing with their personal issues to make their relationship that much stronger.

This is an engaging suspense story that keeps you turning the pages to see what's next.

Book Blurb for If I Should Die


Aspiring FBI agent Lucy Kincaid and her P.I. boyfriend, Sean Rogan, are heading to the Adirondack Mountains for a pleasant romantic getaway when they detour to help troubled friends, owners of a new resort who are battling malicious vandals. After Lucy and Sean pursue an arsonist into an abandoned mine shaft, Lucy stumbles upon an even more heinous crime—and the perfectly preserved remains of its victim.

The only thing more disturbing than the discovery of the corpse is its sudden disappearance. While the local police remain skeptical, Lucy is dead certain that there’s a connection between the sabotage at the resort and the murder—one that the less-than-neighborly citizens of Spruce Lake seem to have a stake in keeping hidden. Then, when a cold-blooded sniper targets Sean and Lucy, FBI agent Noah Armstrong enters the fray to ensure that more bodies don’t hit the ground. Now three outsiders race to untangle a violent conspiracy before they end up like the rest of Spruce Lake’s secrets: dead and buried.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00