The Devil Inside Her

I admit I do not know how to review this book. I do not wish to offend the author but I found this book to be lacking in almost every way. I did think she was very good in her imagery, however I found the characterization to be poor and character relationships to be nonexistent. I also found that this book seemed to be rushed.

I did like the concept of a dream demon and thought it could have been a decent book if the author would have taken her time and included important information in the story; like what was a dream demon? Why did it kill? Who was Hazel? What was her life like before this happened?

Why was Elinor and Marnie such good friends? What kind of stuff did they go through besides or before the loss of Elinor’s daughter and husband? Did the demon choose Elinor as a host because of her loss or was it more than that? Who or what was Hazel’s great grandfather?

The Devil Inside Her is about a woman named Marnie who after reading about the many unsolved suicides in town begins to suspect that someone or something is causing the deaths of these people. What’s worse about it is that the something is in her best friend. Marnie soon begins to look on the internet for answers and eventually finds Hazel who has seen the same thing ten years prior. Marnie has agreed to help Hazel perform an exorcism on Elinor, but who is Hazel? Why does it seem that she is always lying to Marnie? Is it too late to save Elinor?

I cannot really recommend this book to anyone, but maybe someone who reads paranormal books might enjoy this.

Book Blurb for The Devil Inside Her

Haunted by the death of her husband and only child, Elinor Gentry’s recurring nightmares have left her exhausted. She’s crippled by debt, and only the remnants of her former life surround her, things she can’t bear to sell, and wouldn’t make much profit from if she did. Then, for no apparent reason, the nightmares transform into pleasant dreams. Dreams that lead her to take back control of her life.

A string of horrific and unexplained suicides--and an unnerving discovery about Elinor herself--lead her best friend to seek help from the one person who has seen all this before, and things begin to spiral out of control. Hazel Messinger knows that Elinor’s newly found wellbeing is not what it seems, and Hazel’s not about to let the demon inside remain there permanently.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 2.50