Spank Me

Operation, #1

What can I say about the erotica Spank me Operation #1? I absolutely loved it. Spank Me Operation #1 is the perfect tale of two pen pals from different worlds that find each other. I was laughing through half of the book. I could almost picture Lt Finn and his hard ass sarcasm.

Spank Me Operation #1 is about a single hard working woman named Emma who is a pen pal to a man known as Military Man. Emma is determined to keep Finn (his real name) a fantasy. When Finn told her they will meet she tells him they will never meet, but without Emma’s permission Finn makes it happen. He soon shows up to Emma’s door with roses in hand promising the week of a lifetime, but is she prepared for it? Will he live up to his promises? Will this be a week of a lifetime or the beginning of two lives?

I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance novels and erotica novels.

Book Blurb for Spank Me

What begins as a sexy cyber affair quickly turns into the real thing when Lt. Finn Coleman shows up on Emma Shield's doorstep to fulfill all her fantasies. When Emma doesn't match the persona she presented online, he decides to seduce and discover the sensual woman who claimed she enjoyed spankings and bondage. But Finn is a career military man with a dangerous mission ahead. All Emma wanted was to live out her hottest fantasies with her luscious new pen pal. She felt safe pretending to be a wicked seductress with Finn a world away. Then he shows up, bigger than life and making even her wildest dreams seem tame. All too soon, Emma realizes that more is at stake than her heart and losing Finn is not part of the plan.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50