The Witch of Greenwich Village

"The Witch of Greenwich Village" is a quick paced read with wonderfully short chapters. It will have the reader turning pages to find out what is coming next. The story has mystery, horror, dark humor, even some sex.

The plot was believable and the characters were not in the least shallow. The author did a great job of bringing them to life. My favorite was of course Lucille Belzar, the witchy, not always nice literary agent who is up to no good.

--Molly Greyson is a reporter who wants a story from author Art Chessman. She has word that there is possible plagiarism in his new book. He agrees to meet with her. When his agent Lucille finds out she insists on being in on the meeting. Art is against it but Molly does not see the problem, even after Art tries to convince her that Lucille is a witch! When scary promises start coming true, Molly teams up with Art against Lucille and the evil she represents.

Book Blurb for The Witch of Greenwich Village

Blind ambition drives nascent novelist Art Chessman to ask literary agent Lucille Belzar for help in getting published. She looks him over as if he is tonight’s special served in a light cream sauce and, in a bizarre candle lit ceremony in her Greenwich Village home, signs him to a contract that binds him to her for life – and beyond.

Molly Greyson, a young, attractive and ambitious reporter, snags an interview with Art during which Lucille phones and invites Molly to dinner. Art insists that Molly decline the invitation, but Molly, a hard-headed realist, refuses to accept that Lucille is a witch. By the time tragic events force her to accept the truth it is almost too late. Art and Molly join forces in a struggle that will end in a fierce and deadly confrontation with Lucille and her minions in the eerie setting of an abandoned nursery school. (211 pages)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00