The Book of James

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The Book of James

I like creepy. I like suspenseful. I like strangeness and huge houses that have a history, not always a pleasant one either. All of these things and more are what awaits the reader in The Book of James. Right from page one it gets ahold of you and at times loosens its grip but never lets you completely go. You have to read just one more page. Being a Philadelphia native made this book all the more interesting. I felt like I was right there with Mackenzie in Chestnut Hill.

I enjoyed the characters but there were times that I thought Mackenzie was a bit naive. I mean who would walk away from everything to stay with people that she never knew existed and her late husband ran away from and never talked about. Hmmmmmm, even if that was his dying wish I think I would have investigated a bit more first.

On his deathbed, Mackenzie's husband, Nick tells her that his past could very well be coming back to kill her! A past Mackenzie knows nothing about. Nick has a family that he never talked about. He tells her to stop it she must go to the house in Philadelphia where he grew up and find James! Mackenzie sets off to do just that and to unravel the twisted tangles of a life Nick never discussed. But will she survive long enough to find the answers?

If you like a good, creepy, gothic-like mystery, pick up The Book of James. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Book Blurb for The Book of James

After a tragic car accident, moments before his death, Nick whispers warnings to his wife that someone from his past may attempt to harm or even kill her. He urges her to travel to Philadelphia to his childhood home. Find James, he insists. It’s the only way out.

Mackenzie dismisses her husband’s warnings, assuming his words were a result of blood loss and morphine…until the things he outlined start to come true.

Her search brings her to the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia and face to face with a mother-in-law believed to be dead. Together in the same house the two women’s stories spin together, each with an agenda. Cora is desperate to protect secrets from the past. Mackenzie is determined to uncover those very secrets and find the elusive James before time runs out. They circle around one another hunter and prey, but which is which?

A gallery of photographs in the bowels of the house holds clues to generations of abuse, treachery and possibly murder. Messages hidden in Nick’s childhood Bible within the Epistle of James have Mackenzie racing against time to put the pieces together, unearth the reasons her husband chose to vanish when he was sixteen years old, and locate the person mentioned in Nick’s dying breath.

When James is finally found, the results are more horrifying than Mackenzie could have ever imagined. Super Plus Novel - 100,000+

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00