One Hospital Nightmare

When I was reading the summary of "One Hospital Nightmare", I was immediately drawn in and had to read it. I wanted to like it. I liked the plot, the aspect of some time travel, history and my favorite, Native Americans. I am sad to say that the story was just not as good as it sounded.

Our main character, Nick Moore started out to be a likable, funny guy but as I continued reading he became a tad too naive and trusting. I mean he goes into a hospital and is very uncomfortable about what is going on around him. When advised to check out he refuses to listens to the doctor and stays. I was confused about a lot of things and they never got cleared up. Like why the majority of the nurses were Asian. That was mentioned so often that I knew it was a main point, but I never was sure why other than that Nick used to prefer Asian women.

I did enjoy the Native American scenes and the interaction between Nick and Chief BuffuloHump. The first time Nick fell back in time was a bit of dark humor.

In my opinion, the book was just too short and did not have enough pages to give more of the details that I felt were needed for me to fully enjoy the book. That being said, it was in interesting and fun bit to read while trying to figure things out. If you like a strange story mixed with some history and time-travel think about picking this one up.

--Nick Moore goes to Battlefield Memorial Hospital to visit his friend Jared. Jared tells him some pretty strange things about the hospital and Nick chalks it up to confusion due to medications. That is until Nick winds up in the same hospital and his experiences are even more strange and scary then Jared’s. Somehow Nick winds up in 1840 and involved in a Comanche war. Bouncing back between the past and the present the author takes us on a suspenseful ride across the plains of long ago and the roads of today.

Book Blurb for One Hospital Nightmare

Something just isn’t right at Battlefield Memorial Hospital. Nick Moore, a sensible middle-aged man from Eastern Texas, must admit that his best friend Jared might not be losing his marbles after all. By an eerie twist of fate, both of them end up in this same out-of-the-way hospital at the same time. Nick soon learns that Jared’s irrational, terrified rants about the place don’t tell the half of it.

The year is 2010 when Nick is checks in, but at this hospital, time doesn’t seem to cooperate and the line between nightmare and reality starts to become blurry. Somehow, Nick becomes involved in a famous local Comanche Indian fight from the year 1840. As the mystery unfolds, his values are tested and keeping his sanity becomes more important than his physical healing.

Hospital mystery meets historical fiction in this somewhat humorous, often suspenseful PG-rated novella. It has been specially formatted for all Kindle devices, so we can promise you a smooth, enjoyable electronic reading experience. Download One Hospital Nightmare today and get ready for one wild ride.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50