Above Haldis Notch

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Above Haldis Notch

Jenna is a clairvoyant whose recently deceased mother is reaching out to her from the other side. Just in case that is not enough, she and her family have recently moved into her childhood home, and getting used to the spirit of her mother being around may not be easy. Across the street we have her grandmother, who is also quite sensitive. Throw in Jake, a childhood friend who needs Jenna's help dealing with his dead father who is causing havoc from beyond the grave that not only affects the living but also the dead! The dead are not resting in peace in Haldis Notch!

I was drawn into this book right away, from the opening page I could not read fast enough. I wanted to find out the whys, to see where it was going, to learn how Jenna would handle things and figure out the mystery. The characters are very well developed and you can't help but want to know more. They are funny, serious, deadly and everything in between.

The story was very enjoyable, for me it was a bit repetitive in some places. I like my paranormal without shape-shifters and that sort of thing and this was the perfect reading for those like me. We get mystery, suspense, thriller and even ghosts and spirits.

Above Haldis Notch would be a good read for anyone who likes an old fashioned ghost story.

Book Blurb for Above Haldis Notch

Jenna Emerson learns she's clairvoyant when her mother's spirit contacts her with a plea for help. Something in the afterlife threatens the survival of spirits from Haldis Notch, Vermont.

From the house next door comes another plea, this time from the living. Responding to it leads Jenna to reunite with her childhood friend, and she learns how intensely his deceased father, Jake, resented the residents of Haldis Notch. Retaliation against physical lives wasn't enough. He carried his venom into death, determined to inflict vengeance on their souls. Jake always had a special passion for Jenna, and now she's the only one who can stop him. To succeed she must learn more about what drives him, but understanding Jake's motives draws her into his trap. If Jenna falls victim, every soul in Haldis Notch will suffer the ultimate retaliation for the petty grudges they held in life.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00