Stroke Of Midnight

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Stroke Of Midnight

Genre: Contemporary erotica, Menage a Trois (f/m/f)

Elena Wolverton accompanies her sister Vivian and her part-time lover Porter Rowe to the family cabin in Aspen for a summer vacation. Elena is recovering from a car accident that shattered her legs and her emotional equilibrium. Vivian and Elena have some sibling issues, and when Elena becomes attracted to Porter and he to her all kinds of naughtiness ensues.

Stroke of Midnight is a hot little novella. The motivations of the characters are shown and the story evolves, although I found the ending to be a bit forced and felt Stroke of Midnight could have been a better story if there had not been quite such an abrupt turnaround from the earlier sentiment between Elena and Vivian. A couple of times I was a tad surprised at word choices, but overall Stroke of Midnight is a fast read with lots of titillating action.

Book Blurb for Stroke Of Midnight

Some wounds take a long time to heal.

A summer in their family Aspen cottage sounds just like the thing to help Elena Wolverton get over a tragic accident. Her body needs to recover, and so does her soul.

Elena's sister Vivian brings a friend along for the week, and Porter Rowe is the stuff of dreams. The stuff of Elena's dreams; awakening her to longings she hasn't felt before.

Elena knows a man like Porter could finish with what's left of her, break all that remains. Or he could help her forgive, forget, and have a second chance at happiness.

Contains: multiple partner sex F/M/F, oral sex, graphic language.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 2.50