Immortal Desires

Well of Souls, #1

The first time Ian spots Deanna, he knows she was his soul mate--unfortunately, she is destined for the well of souls. Ian acknowledges that he can't have her in the present, but he might be able to convince Robert to send her back to the 15th century. But there is one little problem: He doesn't know how his human self will react to Deanna, especially since her last name is Cameron, the same last name as his clan's arch enemies. Can they overcome suspicion and time, to find their happily ever after?

When I started the novel, I wasn't for sure I would like the book. It was slow, and quite frankly--weird. But I wanted to give the book a chance, so I persevered, and read until the part where Deanna flies to Scotland (still in the present); that's when it started to get interesting. It became so interesting in fact that I read the book in a couple of hours. Not a record for me, but I only read that fast for good books.

The thing I did not enjoy was the times where the POV switched from past to present and back to present, and so on. It became very annoying and slightly confusing, but I DID enjoy reading the historical parts. I didn't so much like present Ian as much as 15th century Ian (maybe it's the kilt--I do so love a man in a kilt). Not sure why, but he seems whinier than he used to be.

I would very much like to read Richard's story one day. He is so mysterious in Immortal Desires; we learn almost nothing about him, even though he appears in the story as much as a main character would.

This book was a great read that would delight women of all ages (and maybe men)!


This book is recommended to historical lovers, that don't mind paranormal twists. And of course, if you enjoy men in kilts, you might want to take a peek into this book!

Book Blurb for Immortal Desires

After being dumped at the altar, Deanna Cameron seeks a fresh start in life. She gets more than she bargained for after accepting a new job, when an Immortal Guardian sends her five hundred years into the past. She can't return home and a magnificent highland warrior accuses her of being a spy.

Ian Mackay knows the beautiful woman that appears in his castle must be a spy. After all, she's a Cameron, a clan he despises. The powerful magic surrounding her obstructs his Druid senses, plus he finds he can't stay away from the temptress. But loving Deanna could come with a price too high to pay. Will she be the downfall of his clan—or its salvation?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50