Various States of Undress - Carolina

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Various States of Undress - Carolina

If you’re like me and loved CHASING LIBERTY (or maybe just Matthew Goode) than the plot for VARIOUS STATES OF UNDRESS: CAROLINA has you saying, “Yes, please!” After dumping her cheating fiancé, first daughter Carolina Fulton needs a break. So she escapes to her family’s remote Wyoming cabin with only her sexy Secret Service agent Jake Baxter in tow. Despite knowing he can’t touch his client, the daughter of the President of the United States, Jake is irresistibly drawn to Carolina. When they get snowbound together for days on end, it gets harder and harder to remember why they can’t be together.

VARIOUS STATES OF UNDRESS: CAROLINA is a light, enjoyable read. Jake is gorgeous, sexy and every woman’s dream, while Carolina is an appealing, likeable heroine. Yet, despite the mostly good vibes, the book never progressed into much-devour territory for me…the kind that keeps me up all night. Something about the relationship was too easy, despite the early protestations that they couldn’t be together, Jake gives in pretty quickly, and it never felt like there was much conflict keeping the two characters apart. Yes, this means more hot sex scenes, but it also means less sexual tension.

By the end, it seems frustrating that they can’t simply have the obvious conversation about their feelings and their hopes for the future. Instead, the author seemed forced into sending them their separate ways without any real doubt that they’ll get over it and reunite shortly.

Overall, this is a pleasant read that doesn’t require or demand much from the reader. Sometimes that’s enough, but I couldn’t help wishing for a little more.

Book Blurb for Various States of Undress - Carolina

What happens when the president's daughter and her sexy Secret Service agent find themselves snowbound? A little cabin fever, some serious forbidden attraction, and Various States of Undress …

When Carolina Fulton, daughter of the President of the United States, dumps her cheating fiancé, she knows she needs a break from life in Washington. Spending some quality alone time in her family's Wyoming cabin seems like a perfect escape-except for the hot Secret Service agent who shadows her every move. Miles away from civilization, Carolina quickly realizes that ignoring the smoky eyes, carved chin, and mile-wide pair of shoulders is going to require more than a little self-control.

Elite agent Jake Baxter knows better than to develop feelings for his clients. After all, he's not being paid to fantasize about running his fingers through Carolina's dark hair, kissing her senseless, or waking up next to her petite, curvy body. But as a blizzard rages outside their all-too-cozy cabin, Jake knows he has to put the freeze on this attraction, in case his job-or his heart-is suddenly laid on the line.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50