Spring Fling

A New Adult Anthology

The four stories in SPRING FLING are only loosely connected: all taking place in New Orleans during spring break and featuring one shared character, the mysterious fortune teller Madame Ysabeau, whose fortunes seem to be coming true…

In “Share Me” by Julia Kent, Emma Barton has just been dumped by her boyfriend of 6 years and is determined to let loose on spring break. She soon meets two sexy strangers who are more than willing to help her get over him. The collection unfortunately starts out on its weakest link. The story suffers from the novella format with everything feeling too compressed. It’s hard to believe Emma would really recover from a six-year relationship so quickly, and it’s even harder to believe that she ends up in the airplane bathroom with a gorgeous stranger Miklos (or “Miki”) after only a minute acquaintance (literally – the plane hasn’t even taken off yet!). Part of the problem stems from her ex Ryan having such an overbearing presence on the story, which makes all Emma’s actions seem mostly revenge-fueled. Although the sex is undeniably hot, we never really learn anything about Miki and his partner-in-crime David beyond the fact that they are hot, foreign and into sharing women. The story ends with a not-quite-an-ending ending, suggesting that a future installment is in the works. Hopefully, it will be longer in length to give the characters room to breathe.

In “Shake Me” by Sara Fawkes, Cassidy Dupre heads to New Orleans with her nemesis, playboy Travis Dean when she learns her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend is hooking up with Travis’ sister. Cassidy and Travis were childhood friends, but after her mother’s death, she tried to become the perfect daughter, and after pushing Travis away, he turned into her high school tormentor. Of course, the truth is that Travis has always been crazy about her, and he was trying to get a reaction and bring back the girl he used to adore. Their relationship feels authentic, and I loved watching them re-discover each other – and fall in love. The sex scenes were hot, but the characters were what made this story shine.

In “Show Me” by Cathryn Fox, tall, nerdy Eva Parker wants to get laid – but she doesn’t know how to attract male attention, so she turns to her brother’s best friend Luke for lessons in how to attract a man. But he’s always had a thing for her and tried to stay away because of his relationship with her brother, but these lessons might push him past the breaking point. The best story in the collection, their relationship is sexy and tension-filled. I loved normal-girl Eva and how she doesn’t realize how appealing she is – until Luke shows her.

In “Shock Me” by Lauren Hawkeye, Callie Gilmore is determined to use a masked party to seduce her best friend Ryder Hawkins, only she unwittingly gets the wrong Hawkins brother – Liam! But he’s more than happy to embrace the girl that his brother has long overlooked. Not the strongest story in the collection, it’s a little hard to buy Callie’s sudden about-face when she has supposedly been in love with Ryder for so long, especially when her relationship with Liam is entirely physical. But it’s an enjoyable read for the hot sex scenes – as long as you don’t mind a lack of character development.

Overall, the collection features well-written stories. Two of the four are fantastic; the other two are lacking in believable character development; but all of which are smoking hot. These stories tend towards the erotic, so definitely for fans who like their new adult on the sexy side.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50