Seeing the Love

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Seeing the Love

SEEING THE LOVE is a mildly diverting, sweet romance that somehow lacks any real depth or sophistication. Lucas Wade is losing his sight. Treated as helpless by his co-workers, he relishes his interactions with Natalie in a sales office hundreds of miles away who treats him like a normal guy. Of course, he doesn’t think he deserves such a great woman, not knowing that she is dealing with her own issues, making her believe that Lucas couldn’t possibly want her.

The central conflict is almost too simplistic. The characters like each other, but both has major self-esteem problems stemming from their respective “flaws.” Once they realize the truth about the other, the story is immediately conflict-free. The author then has to concoct a final act problem that emerges at work to attempt to separate them before the inevitable HEA, but it’s so flimsy that the outcome is obvious.

I’m a big fan of stories about characters facing difficulties such as blindness. My disappointment here is that there’s been a number of these books recently, and this one doesn’t measure up. It’s a sweet romance and an easy read, but it lacks any complexity to the characters or their issues; the characters never really develop beyond the surface. The issues both characters were facing were major ones, and I wanted to see something more layered. This was such a quick, shallow read that it almost felt like an underdeveloped novella instead.

Book Blurb for Seeing the Love

Lucas Wade is losing his sight. As the darkness threatens to swamp him, the one bright spot in his day comes in the form of Natalie Fontaine. She works in the sales office, hundreds of miles away, and she alone treats him like a regular guy. She has no idea about his disability, and he doesn’t plan on telling her about it.

But if Lucas can't be honest with her, Natalie may never see the love he has to offer.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.25