The Big Fix

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The Big Fix

Ciel Halligan, #3

The Big Fix continues Linda Grimes's In a Fix series. Grimes's characters are outrageously hilarious, and she always takes her readers on a fun ride.

In this installment Ciel has agreed to cover for an action-star who has a phobia of snakes, but while Ciel is playing him, his wife is murdered. Could Ciel have been providing an alibi for a murderer, or is it all coincidence?

Ciel needs the help of her entire family, her lover Billy, and her ex-crush Mark. But things quickly become a lot more than Ciel can handle. Not everything is as it appears.

The book started off a little slower than I liked. I wasn't immediately pulled in like I wanted to be. However, it really does pick up speed and once it did I couldn't put it down. There were definitely things I did not expect, which was a nice surprise, and some things were a little predictable.

If you enjoyed the other books in the series, then you shouldn't miss out on this one.

Book Blurb for The Big Fix

Linda Grimes's sexy and hilarious urban fantasy series that began with In a Fix and Quick Fix continues in The Big Fix.

Aura adaptor extraordinaire Ciel Halligan, who uses her chameleon-like abilities to fix her clients' problems--as them--is filling in on set for action superstar Jackson Gunn, whose snake phobia is standing in the way of his completing his latest mega-millions Hollywood blockbuster. There's only one thing Jack fears more than snakes, and that's the possibility of his fans finding out he screams at the sight of one. Going from hero to laughing stock isn't part of his career plan.

Seems like a simple enough job to Ciel, who doesn't particularly like snakes, but figures she can tolerate an afternoon with them, for the right price--which Jack is offering, and then some. What she doesn't count on is finding out that while she was busy wrangling snakes for him, his wife was busy getting killed. When Ciel goes to break the sad news to the star, she finds out Jack was AWOL from her client hideaway at the time of the murder.

Ciel begins to suspect Jack's phobia was phony, and that he only hired her to provide him with an alibi--but if she goes to the police, she'll have to explain how she knows he wasn't really on set. Up against a wall, Ciel calls on her best-friend-turned-love-interest Billy, and her not-so-ex-crush Mark, to help her set up the sting of a lifetime.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00