Tempest Unleashed

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Tempest Unleashed

Tempest Unleashed is full of wonderfully interesting characters, with a vibrant setting, and considerable amounts of action mixed with perfectly romantic moments.

It is nice to see Tempest try to grow into the decisions that she made from the first book. She has to deal with the fact that she chose to stay a mermaid and help the merQueen against Tiamat. But this isn't like The Little Mermaid again Ursula. Tiamat is very strong, and very dangerous. There are many obstacles for Tempest to overcome. She has doubts about the decisions she has made, and wants to be able to make the right choices for her future. Kona is as sweet, and attentive as ever, but there is still a problem. He is a selkie, and she is a half mermaid. Even if they wanted to be together forever there is no guarantee that the selkie community would ever accept Tempest as one of their own.

Tempest has many challenges and choices she has to deal with in the follow up book to Tempest Rising. Even though she is working hard on trying to defeat Tiamat in the water, Tiamat somehow hurts Moku, Tempest's younger brother, on land. As any good sister would, Tempest decides the best place to be is protecting her family on land. But this decision brings a whole new storm of emotions. Now that she's closer to Mark, it is hard to see what was so bright with Kona. Tempest must figure out what she wants before she loses both of them, but there are somethings that even one of the strongest people can't control. How can she focus on defeating Tiamat when she can hardly figure out her love life? Being a mermaid isn't all that it's made out to be.

Book Blurb for Tempest Unleashed

In Tempest Rising, Tempest chose to return to the sea, following in her mother’s footsteps and forging a relationship with the selkie Kona. Now many months have gone by, and she yearns to see her family again. Life under the ocean is full of rigorous training to eventually take over the throne, which leads to Tempest’s powers growing and manifesting in new ways. When Tiamat, Tempest’s power-hungry nemesis, attacks Tempest’s brother Moku on land, she returns to his side, which also brings her back to her old flame, Mark. But was the attack calculated to get Tempest out of the way? As the battle rages, Tempest’s two loves will collide to both protect her and force her to choose. And when the biggest casualty of all befalls the merpeople-the Queen loses her life-will Tempest be able, or willing, to take over the throne?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.50