Out of the ShadowedLands

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Out of the ShadowedLands

Morgan Crowe Trilogy, #3

Maggie Berkley does an impressive job of setting a scene and drawing a reader in. The way Berkley weaves words together to create an intense image is a one-of-a-kind ability. I am truly amazed at Berkley's descriptive abilities.

That being said, this is the final book in the Morgan Crowe Trilogy, and boy what a journey it has been! I have had so many emotions running through me for the course of this story it is ridiculous (in a good way). The first two books created such a pedestal to place this book upon, it was exciting and wonderful to experience.

I love the way Morgan Crowe has grown, and the mythology that is so deeply imbedded in this story. I laughed and cried with Morgan, she almost feels like a close friend. This ability can only be accredited to the author, it is a true testament to their craft when I can feel like I've known a character forever by only experiencing them for a few short hours.

Of course, I have always been a huge fan of Tyler and it was great being able to watch him grow as a character as well. Being chosen to have the Alpha as a part of himself, or sometimes even a bigger part than himself, is a huge undertaking and I believe Tyler was made for it. He became of my favorite characters.

I really want to keep this review spoiler free. I liked the way the entire trilogy was resolved, and I believe there are things in this book that no one will see coming. This is definitely a book series to get into if you are an Urban Fantasy fanatic!

Book Blurb for Out of the ShadowedLands

A storm is brewing in the Dark Courts and her name is Death. Tired of broken promises and betrayal, Morgan Crowe takes matters into her own hand and carves a destructive path through the maze of political intrigue the Dark Queen of the Mor'sin'dar had created. After rescuing her friend Vivienne from the dungeons of UnderArch, Morgan returns home to discover her son missing, taken by the man she had once given her heart to. Seeking help to retrieve him she finds those she served unwilling to give assistance and realizes that loyalty is not always a two way street. Tired of being used by those she thought of as allies and hunted by those she knows are enemies, Morgan is determined to end the game she had been unwillingly pulled in to and strikes out in fury at everyone around her. But when her past finally catches up with her and threatens the lives of those she loves, Morgan knows it's time to take a stand. Charged by her dead King to bring justice to him and the throne and still haunted by the prophecy given to her about the future, she must make a decision that could change the ShadowedLands and those who live within its borders forever. With the help of the mysterious Lord Requiem and the young Werewolf Ty, Morgan steps forward to bring a true King to the Ebon Throne and to remove the threat to her and those she loves. Will she give into her destructive nature or will she finally step into the destiny she was born for?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00