Lochs and Lasses

Each story in Lochs and Lasses by Cynthia Breeding is enchanting and captivating. From Knights to Highlanders to Rogues, this anthology has it all! Strong and witty, the men featured would make any woman swoon. Fans of Historical Romance and Scotland will love this anthology and devour the stories.

Cynthia Breeding weaves mythology, romance, and history into her stories, leaving nothing to be desired. Although some of the stories seemed rushed, there was still enough in the stories to become intrigued. A must read for fans of historical romance!

Book Blurb for Lochs and Lasses

A Knight's Duel: Sir Devon of Clyde soon finds himself in a quandary as he escorts Adele to wed the king's son. Tables turn. Instead of becoming a bride, she becomes a hostage with her very life in danger from his king...and Devon must make the most knightly decision of his life. Sword of the Highlander: When a medieval sword arrives at a costume shop in Haight-Ashbury, Cassidy Gordon has no inkling a time-traveling Highland warrior will come to claim it. But she's not about to let him have the sword. Not even if Niall MacChumail is the most virile, seductive, and persuasive man she's ever met. Border Rogue: Desperately needing money to pay mercenaries, Sir Aidan MacDouall abducts Juliana Colbert from an English abbey and hies back to Scotland to wait for the ransom. Unfortunately, the winsome lass turns out to be the wrong woman . . . and the Earl of Buchan believes in giving no quarter to anyone with a drop of English blood. Dark Kiss: A holiday sounds perfect for Brooke Michaels. She could use a break from her boring, daily routine in London. However, something goes wrong and Brooke finds herself back in the middle of Robert the Bruce's war with King Edward II. Breeding's love for the medieval world of Scotland shines in all these tales. This book would be a delightful companion to curl up with on the beach, plane, or on your couch on a lazy afternoon. I couldn't put it down. ~ Ann Major, USA Today Best Selling Author

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.75