Enter the Night

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Enter the Night

Morgan Crowe Trilogy, #1

This debut novel by Maggie Berkley is amazing! A twist of Laurell K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series and some awesome characters brings new light to the Fae realm. The plot is intriguing and quick paced. The combination of myth and an overarching quality of new material makes the novel an original in its own right. There is no doubt that Maggie Berkley was out to impress with this novel. The infamous Morrigu of mythology is the main focus of the book and no one wants to get on her bad side.

There is a love/hate reaction to the main male role, Malachi. Although he is a sexy werewolf; his circumstances leave him between a rock and a hard place. Making tough decisions is never easy. The combination of paranormal romance and urban fantasy is captivating. I didn't want to stop reading until I got to the very end and now I want the next book in the series “Behind the Throne”. Beware the ending is a cliff hanger akin to Karen Marie Moning's.

Book Blurb for Enter the Night

“Be careful of who you trust.”

Words of warning, something Morgan Crowe tended to ignore.

Born Morrigane nic Thulath over thousands of years ago in the ShadowedLands of the Immortal Sidhe, Morgan was the leader of the Mor’sin’dar King’s Battle Crows. Named the Morrigu, she was deadly, precise and vengeful.

Favored by her King, Morgan lived an unrestrained life until her temper forced him to remove her from the Courts. For years she lived among the humans, keeping an eye out on things Fae and waiting until the time her beloved King resends his decision and welcomes her back with open arms. But things have changed within the Sidhe lands, deaths occurred and old rumors abound. Unknowingly Morgan has become the object of revenge of a hateful Queen and a sadistic enemy from her past.

Now enters a Were, a shapechanger with the natural ability to take animal form, and with his appearance comes temptation and love. But is he all that he seems? And is she willing to defy her society to find out if he is. For Morgan, her world tumbles around in a whirlwind until all hell breaks loose.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00