Dark Wild Night

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Dark Wild Night

Wild Seasons, #3

Christina Lauren have done it again! Dark Wild Night is the third book in the duo's Wild Seasons series. For some reason I'm always surprised when they knock it out of the park. I keep expecting each book to fall short of the last, but I'm always pleasantly surprised when it doesn't.

By now you'd think it would be impossible for them to write a love story that feels unique, set apart from their other stories already done as well as the saturation of romances released each week. However, Dark Wild Night feels fresh and new.

Lola and Oliver are the third couple to marry one crazy Vegas night with their friends. But instead of jumping into any kind of romance they annulled the marriage the next day and became fast friends.

Lola's comic book career skyrockets when her graphic novel's movie rights are purchased. She gets the opportunity of a lifetime. But can she balance everything that comes along with the big production of a movie and write her next graphic novel? Things only seem to become more complicated when the feelings she has for Oliver make her want more. Her track record prevents her from wanting to move past the friend zone with Oliver.

Oliver isn't just a nerdy comic book store owner. He loves being Lola's friend and supporting her blossoming career. But what if he wants more, does she feel the same? Will it push her too far?

Oliver and Lola's relationship is tentative and sweet. Lola's inexperience with relationships is not awkward but enlightened. It is not unheard of, nor unrealistic, for a friend to fall for a friend. There's always that hesitation that moving things from being just friends to something more could ruin the relationship they had to begin with. So can Lola and Oliver get past the friends part of the relationship and take their feelings to the next level, or will it all crash in a ball of flames?

Overall, any fan of Christina Lauren will enjoy finally reading Oliver's story. Any fan of the New Adult genre or Contemporary Romances should start this series immediately!

Book Blurb for Dark Wild Night

When three college besties meet three hot guys in Vegas, anything could--and does--happen. From Christina Lauren (Beautiful Bastard), Book Three in the sexy, fun New York Timesbestselling Wild Seasons series that began with Sweet Filthy Boy and Dirty Rowdy Thing.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00