Beautiful Secret

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Beautiful Secret

The Beautiful Series, #4

I really keep going into these books expecting to find something that will not make it as good as the last one in the series, or that cannot possibly live up to the hype that I've put into them. Each time I'm proven wrong again. I loved Beautiful Secret and if you're a fan of the series you will too.

Not only is Niall Stella just as charming and good-looking as his brother Max (and British *swoon*), but he is quiet and intelligent. Yes, he over-thinks everything, and he has a tendency to move one step forward and then two steps back, but that does not detract from his attraction. Ruby, the American intern in a different department of Niall's office, has had a secret crush on Niall since she started working there 6 months ago.

When they are forced to take a business trip to New York together last minute, Ruby is excited and nervous about being alone with Niall for most of the trip. But Niall doesn't really notice Ruby until the trip to New York.

Ruby and Niall are almost complete opposites. Ruby grew up with the ability to talk about her feelings, while Niall is more reserved, and has trouble expressing himself. He had a strained marriageand a recent divorce after a 16 year relationship. He doesn't know how to navigate something new.

We still get a glimpse of all the guys from the previous books, but I liked that the main focus was on Ruby and Niall.

The only complaint I have about the book is the rising conflict between Niall and Ruby. I didn't feel like it was a realistic conflict, because of how Ruby had been acting throughout the beginning of their relationship. I'm not sure if it was really true to character. There needed to be a conflict, and it was probably difficult to come up with one for a couple that really fit so well together.

Overall, I recommend this for anyone who is a fan of the series. While you don't necessarily have to read this in order, it is fun to do so!

Book Blurb for Beautiful Secret

In BEAUTIFUL SECRET, the brother of Max Stella (Beautiful Stranger) comes to New York City on business from England. Niall Stella has a classically stiff upper lip, a mind for engineering, and no clue when it comes to women. Too bad for him he’s about to get obliterated by one . . . and he’ll never see it coming.

In a fun little twist, this is where the Beautiful series meets up with the Wild Seasons.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00