All Fixed Up

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All Fixed Up

Ciel Halligan, #4

“All Fixed Up” is the fourth book in Linda Grimes series about Ciel Halligan.

Ciel and her family are adapters. They can take small imprints of a person's aura and then use that energy to turn into that person, but the change is only skin deep.

When Ciel is on assignment as an astronaut, to cover for the real one who is dealing with kidney stones, she bumps into a photographer who can recognize her through the aura she's projecting. This is unusual and unsettling.

A few days later her Aunt Helen is found dead, murdered, in Central Park. Are these two things connected? Is there someone hunting down adapters that can see through auras?

But this isn't the only thing on Ciel's plate, unexpected news and unfortunate situations have her running between her boyfriend Billy and Mark, the man she claims she no longer loves.

As always I suggest reading the other books in the series before reading this one, as there are people introduced and situations from before that pop up in this book.

“All Fixed Up” is exciting, and engaging. The pace is well done and steady. I really like Ciel and while most love triangles are cliché and overdone, this one doesn't feel that way. I'm just as conflicted as Ciel is.

Overall, I recommend this series for any UF (Urban Fantasy) fan, and I recommend this book for anyone who has read the rest in the series.

Book Blurb for All Fixed Up

The hilarious adventures of human chameleon Ciel Halligan continue in the fourth installment of this original urban fantasy series from Linda Grimes, All Fixed Up.

Ciel Halligan, aura adaptor extraordinaire, has a lot of experience filling in for her clients--as them. A rare genetic quirk gives her the ability to absorb human energy and project it back out in a flawless imitation. She's hard at work, posing as a well-known and celebrated astronaut, about to make a stunning announcement on behalf of the space program...when the photographer documenting the job sees right through her aura. Worse, it soon becomes apparent that he not only knows Ciel’s not who she's supposed to be, but means her harm.

When Ciel's elderly Aunt Helen?also an aura adaptor?is murdered in Central Park, and the same photographer shows up at the funeral, Ciel starts to feel even more exposed. Then more adaptors are killed in the same way, and she becomes terrified her friends and family are being systematically exterminated ... and it's starting to look like she's the ultimate target. She turns to Billy Doyle, her best-friend-turned-boyfriend, for help, but when an unexpected crisis causes him to take off without a word, she's left to rely on her not-so-former crush, CIA agent Mark Fielding.

Staying alive, keeping control of her romantic life, and unraveling the mystery of why adaptors are being pursued becomes a harder balancing act than ever in this new Ciel Halligan adventure from Linda Grimes.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00