A Lady Never Lies

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A Lady Never Lies

Affairs By Moonlight Trilogy, #1

The premise for this book sounds great. It is usually what initially draws in a reader, and although sometimes there can be some differences from how the book is from the premise, the book is still good or even great. Unfortunately, I could not finish A Lady Never Lies by Juliana Gray. The initial introduction of the characters was interesting but not enough to keep me interested in finding out more about them. I liked Finn, but I had trouble with Alexandra. She was very unlikeable, in my opinion. If there is nothing in the characters that makes me want to find out their story, then it makes it very hard for me to read about them. But I do encourage others to try the book even if I didn't like it, because I am only one person.

While Finn drags his friends to Italy so that he can work on his plan for perfecting the invention of horseless carriages, he, unexpectedly, meets Alexandra. He isn't looking for any distractions from his work, but there is something about Alexandra that peaks his interest. Alexandra is a widow running out of financial means. To Alexandra, Finn could be the perfect solution. But if he is just a means to an end, what can it mean if she falls in love with him?

Book Blurb for A Lady Never Lies

Lady Alexandra Morley, an alluring widow, is desperate to devise a plan to reverse her fortunes. When fate lands her in the arms of  Phineas "Finn" Burke, an attractive inventor, she despairs of ever getting what she needs...until they kiss.

Finn has always been impervious to the charms of the female species, intent only on perfecting his "horseless carriage" engine. He never dreamed he'd meet a woman like Alexandra, who is as stubborn as she is comely. Despite the brewing scandal, Finn longs to make Alexandra his wife, but he must first convince the maddening lady that their love is the only thing that matters.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 2.50