When Angels Fall

Tricks and Treats

Lauren is a full figured woman, with a little self-image issue. When Lauren and Evan make love, it's lights out and in the missionary position. Evan would like to try exploring other things but out of respect for Lauren, he waits.

Evan picked Lauren up for the Halloween Party. Seeing Lauren dressed as an angel turns Evan on. As they drive in silence to the party, Lauren thinks Evan is upset about the costume. Evan is trying to keep himself under control or does he? He turns left where they should of went right.

Will this be a Halloween to remember or a disaster in the making?

When An Angel Falls is a cute, fun and a quick read. I like how the self-image issue was brought out in this book. I think it's a positive message for every woman that thinks all men want a slim woman. This was a very enjoyable book that I wish was longer.

Book Blurb for When Angels Fall

To Lauren, dressing up as a naughty angel for her father's costume party seemed like a fun idea. That was until she saw her fiancé Evan's reaction. Sure, the outfit didn't compliment her full figure, but it wasn't that bad.

Evan's fed up with Lauren's passive bedroom behavior. He's tried to keep his sexual dominant side under wraps, but a man can only take so much. An angel costume shouldn't look so sinful…or sexy.

He'll play the devil to her angel and treat Lauren to a naughty night of loving she'll never forget.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.00