Spin the Bottle

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Spin the Bottle


Three couples and best friends turned a game of "Spin The Bottle" into a sexy game. With secrets exchanged, the couples went about their lives.

In "Master Of The House", Rena and Paulare corporate bog shots. Rena wishes someone else would take on some of her obligations. Paul begins to think about the secret she shared in the game. Paul launches a new plan of being a merciless master. Will Rena give into his demands and give into her anything goes sexually secret?

In "Your House or Mine" Jackie and Rod are remarried after a decade divorce. Rod had to share a secret during the "Spin The Bottle" game. The secret he shared might not be as bad as the secret she holds. Will their secrets once again tear this couple apart?

In "Doctor, Doctor..." Ed and Charmine think their sex life is thrilling and exciting. After the passing of Ed's Uncle, they find themselves cleaning out his old, dirty doctors office. Acting on Charmine's secret from the game, Ed decides to play his own game of doctor. He might need a doctor when he learns what her real secret is.

Spin The Bottle is hot and steamy. The book is well written and detailed. The couples are normal, everyday working people with spicy sex lives. This book will make you wonder what your co-workers are doing after work. A great read and highly recommended.

Special Notes:

Awesome book. Love to see more like this.

Book Blurb for Spin the Bottle

Three sexy couples on a getaway weekend. Consider the possibilities...

Hot...Rena and Paul are respected corporate big shots. But behind their clean-cut image is a down and dirty fantasy that drives Rena wild-being a slave to the anything-goes sexual demands of her merciless master.

Hotter...Jackie and Rod's marriage ended a decade ago. Now they're together again, each with a fantasy that could tear them apart once more. Unless they bare their souls and admit what they really want from each other.

Hottest...Ed and Charmaine's sex life is already thrilling. Then they come upon the stimulating medical instruments that belonged to Ed's great uncle. So many cold hard toys. So much potential. So many ways to play doctor.


Elizabeth Scott is a pseudonym for a former teacher in Tennessee who now devotes her time to writing.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50