Sense Of A Woman

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Sense Of A Woman

Women tell their hairdressers everything. Valerie is no different. When she received divorce papers from Daniel, her husband and the best know OB/GYN in town, Valerie's best friend Nicole made her go to the Sense Of A Woman salon.

Mason, the town beautician and hunk of a man, turns heads with many women in town. Mason has a rule of never getting involved with the clients. Valerie is sweet temptation to Mason. Mason has fantasized about Valerie and thought about her for years. Always keeping things professional and friendship like. When Valerie arrives at the salon with her hair a mess and in need of a cut with news of her divorce, Mason tries to comfort Valerie and be the friend he thinks, she needs.

Is Daniels's and Valerie's divorce a set up? What level will Mason allow the friendship with Valerie to develop to?

Sense Of A Woman is an erotic page-turner with a message. I enjoyed the way Valerie took charge of her life. This is a very enjoyable book with characters that make you feel. The book sucks you into every detail and feeling.

Book Blurb for Sense Of A Woman

Valerie Randall's life has been nothing less than upside down for the past six months. Today is the worst: her husband Daniel has left her. When Valerie crumbles, her best friend Nicole has a solution to start Valerie back on the right track . a trip to Sense of a Woman.

"Only her hairdresser knows."

Mason Cole has kept his heart under lock and key all of his life. He has to. He deals with women every day, all day. He's their hairdresser and he knows all their secrets. But Mason has one hard and fast rule: Never get involved with a client. Only one woman has tested his rule since he opened his distinctive salon, Sense of a Woman, and that woman is Valerie Randall.

When Valerie walks into Sense of a Woman out of the blue, Mason is shocked by her condition. Crying and nowhere near her usual confident self, Valerie throws herself into his arms.

Mason Cole knows . he has a Sense of a Woman.

Mason and Valerie's friendship turns into something much more intimate as Mason decides to hell with his rule and Valerie thinks it's time she regained her lost self. Heat threatens to consume them as intrigue rears its head. Daniel is revealed to be a much darker person than Valerie ever realized as he dives over the edge of insanity, threatening to take Mason and Valerie down into its depths.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00