Nuit Aux Trois

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Nuit Aux Trois

Quinn has found a new place to rent. Her roommates are two men, Fletcher and Devlin, lovers. Quinn enjoys spending time with and has fantasies about being with her roommates. Recently she was turned down for an anchor job at a local television station. Quinn believes it's because she is not a size two like the other applicant. Her roommates try to cheer her up. They suggest she go on a little vacation to a haunted house over Halloween. Quinn was reluctant to join the men on their trip.

Quinn, Fletcher and Devlin arrive at the haunted plantation to find a ghost wanting to clear the air. The ghost makes her wishes known. When the ghosts are not active, Fletcher and Devlin turn their attention to Quinn. Their relationship changes from just roommates too much more.

The book is action packed throughout. The characters have personalities which are interesting and work well together. Everything flows well and it was overall a real pleasure to read. A great read for Halloween or anytime of year.

Book Blurb for Nuit Aux Trois

Quinn's two roommates, lovers Fletcher Covair and Devlin St. Giles, have the perfect idea: Quinn will accompany them on a Halloween ghost hunt at a haunted plantation. Quinn agrees, knowing there's no such thing as ghosts and thinking the time away will give her time to assess her future job prospects, and if nothing else, a chance to relax.

But the plantation's resident ghost, Alison, has other ideas. She wants help in righting a long-time wrong, and it seems that the ghost has chosen Quinn, Dev, and Fletch to assist her. While Quinn's mind is reeling from the knowledge that there are really ghosts, she comes to another shocking realization: Dev and Fletch have more on their minds than ghost hunting, and Alison isn't the only restless spirit who wants to make contact.

CATEGORY: Erotic, Paranormal



FORMAT: e-Book

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.00