If Only...

Jane was looked up to as a "Pillar of her community". After all, she had lived in River Bend all her life. Jane had planned on a two-week vacation but that changed when an emergency City Council Meeting was called. Soon she found herself elected to be the personal assistant of Bobby Wayne, an actor in a movie being shot in her town.

When Bobby met Jane, he liked how normal and pretty she was. In his business, there weren't many people like that. Bobby quickly came to enjoy Jane's company, allowing her on the set and enjoying dinner together. Bobby's attraction to Jane had to be kept a secret between them. Bobby had signed a very strict contract that linked him with the leading lady, until the movie was released.

Their time is short and heir attraction is growing. His contract could make or break his career and his future plans. With the clock ticking, what will happen between Bobby and Jane?

"If Only" was a fun read and the characters were realistic. The intimacy is hot and this book keeps you reading from start to finish.

Book Blurb for If Only...

Jane Smith is roped into a situation she can't get out of. Since she is a `pillar of the community', the mayor decides she should be the one to be personal assistant to heartthrob Bobby Wayne while he was in River Bend filming his latest movie.

Supposedly, this was her vacation, but the film was a big thing-and there was no way she was going to get out of this. Little did she know the situation was going to be more trying than she ever thought possible.

Bobby Wayne-young, handsome, and every girl's dream-brought feelings Jane hadn't felt in years to the surface. Passion, yearning and unbridled need. She had to fight it. She was a pillar of the community. This small town couldn't take one of their own, a middle-aged woman, cavorting with a younger man who was destined to be a huge star. Her reputation wouldn't survive it.

But the hunger for his touch is stronger than she could have imagined.

Bobby Wayne knows this is his chance. This film will make or break his career. The contract he signed had stipulations.one of them being he had to act as if he and the female lead were a couple. At least until after the film's debut. Any other time, he would have dismissed the contract, but he needed this film. It would bring about something he had dreamed of since he was a child-a dream home for his mother. Once in River Bend, he finds it almost impossible to follow the guidelines of the contract.especially when he meets his new personal assistant, Jane Smith. She'd everything he wants, everything he needs.

How in the world will he get through this with Jane so close, so ready to fulfill his every need?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00