I'm No Saint, Valentine

Sindulgence by Rhiannon Neeley - Score: 4

After Clarice's 20-year marriage, her divorce to Wayne had been a relief. Clarice is a work at home website designer, this doesn't allow her much of a social life. Clarice decided to begin taking trips to the mall. She enjoyed the visiting the bookstore to get her weekly supply of romance novels and Devon, the cashier. Calrice knew Devon was younger then her, maybe the age of her son. That didn't seem to stop her from enjoying his company each week or her fantasies about them. Devon had noticed Clarice too. He noticed her grace and classic style. Devon decides to ask her to coffee, just coffee. When they realize it's more then "just coffee" they both want, they make a date for dinner the following night. A run in outside The Rocks Club with Clarice's son might change things.

Sindulgence is an extremely enjoyable read. The characters come to life vividly. The flow of the story is wonderful, allowing the reader to know the feelings of the younger man and the older woman. The use of Jan, Clarice's friend and Clarice's son, James is brilliant.

Candy Hearts and Flours by Dee S. Knight - Score: 3.5

When Heaven and Hell meet they make cake. Mariah Luce's punishment for giving tortured soul water is five days on Earth. Joseph Patrick Benedict is unhappy in Heaven. After talking to Paul, he is sent to Earth for five days. Joseph was a baker in his first life, this time he thought he was suppose to enter the Candy Hearts and Flours Valentine's Contest. That's just what he did. Mariah was looking to prove to her dad she could seduce a saints soul, she watched people entering the convention center for the contest. After a while, her eye caught Joseph or Patrick as he was called on Earth. Mariah joins Patrick as a team member. Neither knowing where the other came from or what their reason on Earth is, they decide the theme and get to work. Can Mariah prove to her father she can seduce a soul? What happens when Heaven and Hell collide literally?

Candy Hearts and Flours is an interesting read. Being the second story in the book, the switch of plots is extreme. I found it a little hard to get into Candy Hearts and Flours, after everyone "came to Earth" the book picked up pace and flowed very well. It was an interesting and relaxing read.

Book Blurb for I'm No Saint, Valentine

Sindulgence - Rhiannon Neeley

Clarice Johnson is divorced and happy about it. She's also found a new hobby-reading erotic romance. But there is something lacking in her life.someone to show her just what being `erotic' means. When Devon, the bookstore clerk who is barely older than Clarice's adult son, asks her for coffee he gives her a taste of what seduction is about. Yes, he's young. Yes, he's gorgeous. Yes, her thoughts about him are sinful.but what's wrong with a little indulgence? A little ... Sindulgence?

Devon Lake is slightly older than the regular college guy but far more mature. He sees in Clarice a classic grace that few women have, and few men know to cherish. So what if she's older. Age doesn't mean a thing. Seeing her in the bookstore, noticing her taste for erotic romance, Devon sets out to show her another side of sensuality.

When the two of them come together, they almost go up in flames. The only problem is, will Clarice's son allow them to dabble in Sindulgence?

Candy Hearts And Flours - Dee S. Knight

In the depths of Hell, things aren't much different than here on Earth. There, as here, fathers find their daughters to be difficult ... creatures. And, there, as here, lessons are posed when behavior is unacceptable. In the case of Mariah Luce, a demon who just can't seem to get evil down to a science, instruction comes in the form of a short visit topside. Her mission? To find a saint of a man and seduce him. In other words, to corrupt someone incorruptible. If Mariah can pull this off, she'll be evil! And welcomed back home.

At the other end of the spectrum, Joseph Patrick Benedict Smith has been an angel for centuries. His colleagues spent their time on Earth fighting devils or saving towns from floods, experiencing holy visions or converting whole nations to God. Not Joseph. He baked bread. Now he longs to do something huge, something he can point to with pride of accomplishment, and--heavens!--he's being given the chance.

For one week, Las Vegas will host an humble baker as he strives for perfection in the Candy Hearts and Flours contest, and a determined demon who scours the city looking for one sainted man. Can she withstand the urge to be good, and can he resist the sweet pull of temptation?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.75