Highland Dawn

Druids Glen, Book Three

I enjoyed this book immensely. Ms. Grant creates fluid and complex characters; she managed to make me, as the reader, feel like I was in the protagonist and antagonist's heads. Many authors overlook or are too wrapped up in the writing to worry about their character's feelings.

Moria begins her story traveling to fulfill the prophecy she has been tasked with all her life. Dartayous is sent to protect her, so that she can accomplish the task in front of her without trouble. Little do either of them know, there is more to the end of the puzzle than just a pretty picture. Moria has always wanted a family, but now, at this age, she has given up all hope of a mate and children. Dartayous has been there since she can remember; she always knew there were more to her feelings toward him than simple infatuation. Dartayous has looked after Moria since MacNeil killed her parents. When Frang tasked him with Moria's protection he thought the man mad. Frang knew his feelings toward Moria and his reasons for staying away from her. Moria and Dartayous embark on a long emotional journey. Dartayous, like any man, is stubborn and cannot get past his "curse" in order to admit his feelings to Moria. Moria is prideful and will soon learn what is in her heart whether she likes it or not.

Moria and Dartayous change so much throughout the course of the story. Each character must soften the other's feelings and stubborn nature. At times, the couple drove me crazy! The story is written in third person, so the reader knows everything and the characters of course know nothing. Ms. Grant shows readers a world of magic, Fae, and dragons. Not only that, but she shows us characters filled with deceit, betrayal, and passion. I recommend anyone who enjoys a well written historical romance to try this story and the previous novellas before this one.

Book Blurb for Highland Dawn

An immortal with unanswered questions… The immortal Dartayous, a powerful Druid warrior, is given one mission—keep Moira alive to fulfill the prophecy. But with each passing day, the burning desire he feels for her eats away at the wall surrounding his heart.

A Druid priestess in search of a key… Moira Sinclair must find the key to enter the realm of the Fae, but once she steps into the sacred realm, secrets she has kept buried rise and force her to see herself for who she really is.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.75