Gillham Pack Book 1

Finding out for the first time Shifters exist, well that would be a shock especially when your ex-boyfriends’ stalker attacks you and sends you to live with those shifters you just found out about?

I laughed at Xavier’s reaction. And when he finds he's the mate of said shifter? Well, that is also a shock. I did enjoy that storyline of Xavier a lot and went onto read the next book. I'll pick up the others to see where this author takes it, too.

Book Blurb for Xavier

Xavier’s life has gone to hell. Not only has his ex-boyfriend’s stalker attacked him, but in order to keep him safe he’s being sent to the Gillham pack. It wouldn’t be too bad, if not for the small detail that he hadn’t known shifters existed before that! He’s not sure what he can expect from them, but he doesn’t have a choice. When he meets Andy, he’s weirdly attracted to the man, but Xavier knows he’s not good enough for him.

Andy doesn’t want to play babysitter for Xavier, at least not until he meets him and realizes the man is his mate. He knows he’s going to have a hard time convincing Xavier to at least give their bond a chance, and that’s not counting the other problems their relationship will have to face.

The two mates will have to navigate angry families and the ever-present lab problem, and still Andy isn’t sure he’ll be able to help his mate get over his low self-esteem long enough to give him a chance.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 3.50