Working Stiff

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Working Stiff

A Revivalist Novel, #1

Coming back from several tours in Afghanistan Bryn Davis takes a job working in a mortuary where she stumbles onto a deadly conspiracy which causes her Death. But when she wakes up in a hospital bed she is told yes she's dead and has been brought back to life by a drug from a pharmaceutical company. She now will have to help the pharmaceutical company in finding out who is bootlegging their wonder drug or the company will no longer give her the drug to survive. With the help of Joe Fideli and Patrick McCallister can she succeed in her mission or will she die again?

Working Stiff has an interesting storyline and there isn't a brain eating zombie in sight. Conspiracy upon conspiracy made for a good read. I will recommend this one for those who like drug company conspiracies.

Book Blurb for Working Stiff

Bryn Davis was killed on the job after discovering her bosses were selling a drug designed to resurrect the dead. Now, revived by that same drug, she becomes an undead soldier in a corporate war to take down the very pharmaceutical company responsible for her new condition...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.50