Working Man: Speed Trap

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Working Man: Speed Trap

Working Man Series #9

When Mark Peters was out for a drive one beautiful autumn day he didn't expect to be pulled over by a gorgeous cop. He flirted outrageously. Lt Tench Thought Mark was flirting with him just to get out of the ticket and didn't take him seriously; Until Mark again was pulled over hoping to connect again with LT Tench.

This was a great start to what I wish was a full novel. I really loved this short "inturlude" into Mark and Lt. Tench's relationship. I would like to read more about these two. So, JM please write more about these two!

Book Blurb for Working Man: Speed Trap

A speed trap along the highway catches Mark Peters doing 90 m.p.h. When Officer W. V. Tench approaches the car, Mark is sure the cop is the best looking guy he's ever seen and Mark can hardly utter an intelligent, coherent word. Unbelievably, Mark is issued a warning to keep his pretty smile off the pavement, turning Mark's world into mush.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.50