Whisper Kiss

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Whisper Kiss

The Dragonfire Novels Book 6

With a disappearance and maybe death Magnus leader of the Slayers and shadow dragons, Niall Talbot has vowed to hunt down and destroy the remaining shadow dragons before the next full eclipse. But what he doesn't count on is his own Firestorm finding him a mate in unconventional Rox a woman who is stronger than she looks and takes his being a shape-shifting dragon in stride. Though when a new enemy appears on the scene can Niall protect Rox and the waiting happiness for him or will his past catch up to them and destroy everything?

Whisper Kiss is a great addition to the Pyr storyline. The interaction between Niall and Rox is hilarious to read and made me laugh as well as cry when both of their pasts were revealed. With both of them coming to terms with their pasts and moving forward into the future, it made for a emotional storyline but it was well placed in the story. The strength of Rox prevailed in the end to make for a good ending to this next step in the Pry series. I recommend Deborah Cooke to those who like Dragons and love, this one will be a keeper for your shelves and a reread as you pick up the next book in the line. I certainly will wait impatiently for Rafferty's Story to come out.

Book Blurb for Whisper Kiss

One man’s mission ignites one woman’s fire…

Niall Talbot has volunteered to hunt down and destroy all the remaining shadow dragons – who were weakened by the destruction of the Dragon’s Blood Elixir – before they can wreak more havoc. Among them is his dead twin brother, making Niall’s mission not only dangerous but personal.

Tattoo artist Rox believes the world is a canvas to be made more beautiful. An unconventional spirit who isn’t afraid of anything, she doesn’t even flinch when a shape-shifting dragon warrior suddenly appears on her doorstep. And as a woman who follows her heart in matters of passion, she makes the perfect mate for a firestorm with Niall…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00