When I'm Gone

Stone Trail Series, #2

When I'm gone was an OK addition to the Stone Trail series, but it lacked an ending. The story had a great beginning and middle, but it ends with a cliffhanger for all to see. I would like to see an ending to this story as well as an addition to the series. The story of Richie Tatten and his lost lover Albert was fairly good, but the ending as I said was a little flat if not even there? What happened?


Grieving over his lost lover Albert Richie is sent to Stone Trails VA to pick up his recently deceased sisters stuff and bring it home. But before he can he is embroiled in a mystery. Did his sister commit suicide or was she murdered by a supernatural creature called a werewolf? Why does she keep visiting him in his dreams? And what connection does this have with Albert’s disappearance?

Can Richie find out the answers before he too is a victim of Stone Trails?

Book Blurb for When I'm Gone

As New Year's approaches, a grieving Richie Tatten collects his dead sister’s belongings from the institution where she lived. The mystery of her suicide confounds him and adds to his growing frustration with the disappearance of his life partner, Albert, who vanished months earlier. Hoping to find answers, Richie heads to the small town of Stone Trail, but the unwelcoming citizens leave Richie reluctant to continue his search. Then new information about his sister’s death gives him a lead on Albert’s whereabouts—and thrusts him into the middle of a battle between magic and werewolves.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50