Warming Up to the Ice Dragon

A Mile High City Collection Short Story

"Warming Up to the Ice Dragon" is part of the of the Wolves of Stone Ridge series. It is part of the Mile High City Collection of short stories. I love Dragon shifters and Kazeem is just as hot as any I've read.

The story started off with the meet between Stefan and Kazeem and ended with their being together. It was a classic HEA story for them. Stefan and Kazeem have to work out their differences and they have to work them out just like every other couple. Of course you have Kazeem being a Dragon and needing to keep his secret and Stefan's friends not sure Kazeem will treat their friend right. All that makes for an exciting read. I liked it a lot.

Charlie Richards is a very good writer and I like her work a lot. I hope you enjoy it as well. I recommend that if you like this book you read her others books.

Book Blurb for Warming Up to the Ice Dragon

A simple ski trip sends one man careening into the unknown.

Stefan Renaldo's ski trip to Steamboat Springs was supposed to be a fun vacation with friends. Instead, he ends up alone and injured on the mountain. Even as Stefan fears he's going to die of exposure, he sees something that must surely be the product of his pain-addled mind. A dragon. He wakes in a warm bed and being cared fro by Kazeem, a sexy recluse. Needing surgery on his leg, he can't stay. In the hospital, Stefan hears from his friends how crazy possessive and aggressive his rescuer is. While fleeing seems like a good idea, why can't he get the mountain man out of his mind?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00