Walking in Two Worlds

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Walking in Two Worlds

Lee Masters is driven from his job on a cattle drive for getting caught with another man. He takes off for the mountains. At the lake he finds in the mountains is peaceful but lonely until Tatanka, Running Buffalo shows up and things heat up between the two men. Love is developing but when Tatanka is injured. Lee takes him to Tatanka's people for aid. After finding that neither man belongs there they leave heading south until they find a town where the local blacksmith Nate takes them into his home. Every thing seems to be going OK until the wife of the preacher starts trouble for Lee and Tatanka and their adopted son Sleeps with Dogs. They again leave a life they thought would work. Heading west until they come to the mountains. There they find a village of Hopi Indians who seem to except Lee and Tatanka as one unit.
Will Lee and Tatanka find happiness there or will they again have to leave to find a place to live so they can be together?
Walking in Two Worlds was a very good story. The romance between Lee and Tatanka was endearing and sexy as all get out. I will probably read this one again and of course will recommend it to friends. Terry O'Reilly did a wonderful job on the story and character interaction.

Book Blurb for Walking in Two Worlds

Lee Masters is fired from his cattle drive when his sexual orientation is discovered. Frustrated and angry, he rides to a mountain lake where he meets Running Buffalo, Tatanka, who is also exiled from his tribe for refusing to adhere to tribal custom for braves who prefer men to women. They strike up a friendship, which readily turns to love. Their family is completed when a young Indian, Sleeps With Dogs, insists they take him with them on their search for a home. Where can they find the acceptance they seek? Will they always be Walking In Two Worlds?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50