Vinnie's Ghost

Vinnie's Ghost is a stilted and slow read. The attitude of Lee Fellows was a bit of a downer. PTSD's is a hard subject to write about and for readers it’s sometimes uncomfortable. I had trouble reading about it even though this story was a redemption and healing story for both Lee and Stroker. Also having a ghost talk to Lee made him seem a little unstable. The storyline would have been better if it hadn't been so Oh woes me. I finished Vinnie's Ghost, but can't personally recommend it.

Lee Fellows heads to the California coast looking for Stroker. When Lee sees Stroker riding the waves on his surf board he is mesmerized. When they come face to face the attraction is there. Both give in to those feelings with some reservations. The passion burns hot and bright for both men, but Lee still suffers from PTSD. Can Stroker convince Lee to get help?

Stroker helps Lee heal as best as he can and they fall in love, but outside forces try to come between the two men. Can Lee and Stroker overcome the inside and outside forces for a happily ever after or will those said forces end in tragedy?

Book Blurb for Vinnie's Ghost

The delivery of a letter could mean everything to two lonely men, connected by the life and death of a man who meant something special to each of them separately.

Lee Fellowes is a wounded warrior, ex-Army vet, whose best buddy died in his arms. As buddies do, Lee and Vinnie had shared intimacies--Vinnie even shared some of his steamy letters from his state-side lover, Stroker Smith, a man who makes surfboards, and communes with the sea. Now, Lee returned from the front lines and suffering from PTSD, goes in search of Stroker to deliver Vinnie's last letter. What he never expects to find is a passion that can heal his wounded soul, fill his heart, and free his spirit.

Can these two men, who both cared for another, each wounded by that loss, find healing, peace and love together, or will their separate burdens of loss keep them from finding a true and lasting love in each other's arms?

Publisher's note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 2.50