Vegan-licious Omega

Wolves of New Haven, #2

A Vegan werewolf is kind of a novelty and humorous. Ricky Starr is on a mission and on the run. He meets his mate in Donnie Mills an enforcer for the New Haven pack.

I liked the passionate goings on between Ricky and Donnie. This is a short and quick “On the Go” read. Because of the limited word count on for these “On the Go” stories, do expect it to be really short. This shortness did lend to a bit of a stilted story. It could be improved with some additional pages.

Still, I do recommend this book and it’s a definite read for those continuing the Werewolves of New Haven series. Enjoy.

Book Blurb for Vegan-licious Omega

Being a vegan werewolf and an Omega submissive to the most powerful pack in the country isn’t easy, but Ricky Starr refuses to change who he is. When he’s given an impossible task, Ricky does it anyway.

The last thing he expects to find in New Haven is the frighteningly dominant Donnie Mills. Don isn’t what Ricky expects in a mate, but it’s hard to find a man capable of keeping his heart captive while being able to whip up a great vegetarian curry at the same time.

When Don catches a strange wolf sniffing around his town, it’s his job to investigate. To his relief, Ricky isn’t a threat, only an abused wolf who likes to tumble in his sheets. When the vegan werewolf unintentionally begins to rub his unique scent all over him, Don realizes that he’s sick of dalliances. He wants to play for keeps.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 3.50