Vampire Wanted

Nick's Tales #1

When Nick decides he wants a little love at least for the night he picks up Damien thinking the hot guy would make a good one night stand. But to his dismay Damien is around to stay, he has no intention of letting Nick go. When one of Nick’s friends disappears it’s up to Nick and Damien to help find his missing friend, not knowing that the disappearance was staged putting Nick in danger.

Can Nick and Damien find the reasons for the disappearance and save the day or will Damien loss Nick?

Vampire Wanted was a really funny read. I do have to say it was a little bit rushed, but very enjoyable. I enjoyed Nick’s quirky sense of humor and the attraction between Nick and Damien. It was a good read and one I would gladly recommend to those who like a humorous love story. I plan on keeping it in my keeper file on my Kindle.

Book Blurb for Vampire Wanted

When Nick unwittingly picks up a vampire for his one-night fling, little does he know Damian has no plans of ever letting him go. Now with an overprotective lover, Nick has to find a way to save his friend from a young vampire holding a grudge.

WARNING: This is a re-edited, expanded release.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00