Utopia X Seeking Something Wicked

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Utopia X Seeking Something Wicked

Tole is part of a Coven of three who are ruling. A Regenerie is starting to get jealous of the love between Win and Pablo who is their new employee. Not sure what he's supposed to feel he's not expecting to find a longtime Vampire friend Ridley Barron sexually attractive and is not sure if he wants to pursue that attraction. Before he can explore the attraction though a threat to their Regenerie is brought to their attention.
They meet out in the out zone of their Regenerie to see where it will lead. Ridley is kidnapped by a threat no one sees until now. Tole calls in Win and Zee. They are others of his coven. He needs help rescuing Ridley and to take out the threat before it devastates their land.
Will the three be able to rescue Ridley and take out the threat or will it win and take over all of the Regenerie's?
Although Seeking Something Wicked can be read as a stand alone it might be a better read if you get the first book “Looking for Some Touch”. 
Seeking Something Wicked is a very fast read and the way it is written it keeps the reader glued to the pages and interested in the scenario. The villain was definitely someone to boo at *LOL*. Even though there were few loves scenes the ones that were written in were hot and steamy making my glasses steam up. I liked this book and will definitely recommend it to friends.

Book Blurb for Utopia X Seeking Something Wicked

Series: Utopia X; Previous Book: Looking for Some Touch
Genre: LGBT Futuristic/Urban Fantasy Vampire
Length: Novel

Unsettled by the passionate romance between his comrade Win and their new employee Pablo, Tole hopes to quell his restless spirit by spending a night in the woodsy Interzone. He's joined unexpectedly by a handsome vampire acquaintance, Ridley Barron, and the two men begin to succumb to a longstanding attraction. But their cozy campfire interlude is interrupted...by a shrieking menace that swoops from the sky.

Regenerie's mismatched wonder-workers must pull together to identify and neutralize this dire Interzone threat. But when Ridley himself is kidnapped, their challenge becomes personal and takes on added horror and urgency.

Dealing with the elusive attacker turns into a game of clever stratagems and careful timing. Trekking through the Interzone, confronting paranormal creatures, and infiltrating a hostile metroplex will test the Coven's mettle...and prove to be Tole's introduction to the unique demands of loyalty and love.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.75