Two Weeks' Notice

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Two Weeks' Notice

Revivalist, Book 2

Two Week Notice is the second book in The Revivalist series by Rachel Caine. I read the first book and had a little trouble relating to the main characters as well as the secondary characters. In Two Week Notice all the characters including Bryn, Patrick, Joe and Liam became more likeable and I was drawn more into the story and the series. Because of that fact I enjoyed this one a lot more and I hope that the next book in the series will be even better.

I will recommend this one for a good read. I do still recommend that you start with the first book, Working Stiff.

Bryn Davies is adapting to her new life or unlife as she calls it. She's started a help group for the employees of Pharmadene who were killed and brought back with Returne. And she's maintaining the funeral home as well. When members of the group start disappearing Bryn must follow the trail of the missing employees. She finds that she is up against a new enemy, one who is more ruthless then Mercer ever was. Bryn, Patrick and Joe along with Liam and Mercer are fighting not only for their lives they are also fighting to stop the new threat from spreading.

Pick up this book to join the paranormal ride.

Book Blurb for Two Weeks' Notice

Bryn Davis is adapting to her new life as the living dead ... hooked on the pharmaceutical drug Returne, she’s still got a lot of challenges ahead of her. Now, new enemies surface who want to control the after-death business, and Bryn is a candidate for a hostile takeover.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50