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Sequel to Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Jeff Connley and his partner Mike Guidry are recovering from solving the Cattle Rustling Ring problem. They think their adventure is now over and they can be left in peace on their dude ranch. The peace though is short lived when the brother of one of their new ranch hand comes to work for Jeff and Mike. Then Mike's father shows up on their doorstep. That's not all though. A serial killer dubbed The West Coast Cutter finds his way into their neck of the woods.

When the killer targets Jeff, Mike and their friends close ranks around Jeff to keep him safe. Trying to keep ahead of the killer and still live their lives Jeff and Mike come full circle and end up confronting the killer. Can Jeff and Mike win against a sadistic killer or will this be the end of it all?

Twisted is the sequel of Two Sides of the Same Coin and it's just as good as that book. This one takes things to the next level of forgiveness on Mike's side and redemption of Jason the brother of a new ranch hand. They have to staying one step ahead of the killer, which in the end his identity was a real twist to the storyline. I liked Twisted a lot and will gladly recommend it to those who like romance with a lot of suspense mixed in. It's well worth reading a second time.

Book Blurb for Twisted

Despite the celebrity their recent cracking of a cattle rustling ring has brought, Jeff Connelly and his partner, Mike Guidry, are ready to settle down and start the dude ranch they’ve always dreamed of. Following your dreams isn’t always easy, though—between a troubled new ranch hand who propositions Jeff and Mike’s past suddenly confronting him, emotions are already running high.

Then a sadistic serial killer nicknamed the West Coast Cutter starts slicing a trail though Jeff and Mike’s territory. As the body count rises, they begin to suspect that the killer may in fact be someone they know—a suspicion that is only strengthened by a sudden rash of threatening notes addressed to Jeff. Can they escape the West Coast Cutter before the worst happens?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.25