Twilight Gigolo

"Twilight Gigolo" has a good plot but it also has three of the things I don't really like to read about.

Go into this knowing the story line has a heavy pain factor. Readers get BDSM, Rape and bed hopping. I know some readers will like those points, but I couldn't get into them. I did though like the story line of Gabriel trying to save Dominic's soul. In the end he does, but almost looses him as well. Angels and Vampires do work well. If the three factors above are something you can handle, get this book. The story line shines.

Book Blurb for Twilight Gigolo

M/M Boy’s Love Yaoi

An Archangel with a heart of ice…

For several millennia Archangel Gabriel has never felt attraction to another being - until now. Gabriel’s latest assignment as a guardian angel is to get a vampire named Dominic Wilde to stop being a gigolo, and to find his destined Judge - a very special human with a pure heart and soul that has the ability to redeem a vampire.

An alluring vampire’s love to melt it…

Dominic has no interest in finding his Judge, however, since he’s already madly in love with Archangel Gabriel, and has been since the very first moment he laid eyes on the grumpy angel. Will Dominic be able to melt Gabriel’s icy heart, or will he be forced to fall in love with someone else in order to save his soul from Hell?

A dangerous enemy lurks in the shadows…

Archangel Gabriel is determined to protect Dominic’s smile, and save the vampire from his dark past. When a sadistic centipede demon from Hell named Zepar sets his lascivious sights on Dominic, Gabriel will stop at nothing to protect his ward. But why is he willing to risk everything - even his wings - for Dominic? Could this unknown feeling be love?

Spoilers: Trigger warnings for: BDSM. Rape. One instance of underage rape that occurs while Gabriel is using a scrying bowl to see into Dominic’s past to find out how and why he became a prostitute. This scene isn’t as graphically described as other scenes, which contain sex, and can easily be skipped by avoiding the “scrying scene”.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2019 3.00