Tropical Hedonism

Book One in the Lost and Found Series

Dr. Wes Carpenter has been alone for along time on a hidden island in the Bermuda Triangle. When Sean Harris washes up on the shore after a boating accident Wes’s attraction is hot and fast but he knows that when Sean wakes up he will loose him to the island.
When Sean Harris wakes up in Wesley's bed though he knows that something is off but it has been awhile since he's been attracted to someone that he wants to explore it. Sean goes for Wes hot and heavy with love on his mind. Even when he finds that he can never leave the island he wants to make the most of being with Wes.
Soon the pasts of both men intrude on their idealic start. Can they overcome it or will it tear them apart?

Tropical Hedonism was pretty good read. It’s a quick short and well worth reading. I do hope to read more about Sean and Wes in another book. Though the love scenes where a bit rushed they were really hot and steamy. If there is a second book I will pick it up.

Book Blurb for Tropical Hedonism

CATEGORY: Paranormal, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, M/M
ELEMENTS: Graphic Sexual Content, Adult Language, Anal Play/Intercourse, Same-sex Relations (male/male).
LENGTH: Novella
After a boating accident, Sean Harris wakes up staring into the eyes of a handsome doctor. Even when he discovers that he is on an island within the Bermuda Triangle, and there is no way for him to get back to his old life, he can't be too disappointed if it means being stuck with the doctor.
Dr. Wesley Carpenter cannot believe that the younger Sean Harris would want anything to do with him. After half-heartedly turning down the advances of his patient, he realizes that resistance is futile.
The men find themselves falling for each other quickly, but ghosts from their pasts and outside influences try to get in the way of their happiness. Sean and Wesley may be on the island forever, but neither is sure if that guarantees they'll be able to continue their Tropical Hedonism.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.50