Tortured Souls

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Tortured Souls

Book Six in the Men in Love series.

Bram Blackheart is working in New York and is called back to Oklahoma to visit his Brother. Bram is eager to see Declan O'Malley the man he fell in love with, their last meeting ending in hurt and rejection. This time Declan welcomes Bram with open arms and eager caresses. The reunion is short though Declan is on his way to help out a rafting trip in Arizona, he tells Bram that he will return in a week and they can take time for themselves and get to know one another again. Before Declan leaves Bram at the airport he tells him that he will call every night.

That Night Declan doesn't call and Bram starts getting concerned and asks questions finding out that there was no rafting trip and Declan never showed up at the lodge. Bram goes to Arizona and finds Declan beaten and tied up in Bram's childhood home. He rescues Declan takes him to the hospital. Declan tells Bram that the man looked just like him, he could have been his twin. Bram takes Declan to safety and goes back to ask questions, it seems his past has caught up with him and he finds he had a brother he hadn't known about. Declan and Bram help the brother Brier back from the edge. Bram decides to stay in Oklahoma with Declan, and to be near Brier also.

The story is good and sensual though the love scenes are a bit choppy its just straight into sex without a lot of foreplay.

Book Blurb for Tortured Souls

Book Six in the Men in Love series.

Two very different men, two very different pasts.

Private investigator Bram thought he'd closed off his heart forever. Bram thought he was satisfied by making do with one-night stands and short-term relationships until the day he met Declan.

Once upon a time Declan O'Malley thought he had it all with a rewarding and promising career in front of him and a long-time lover beside him. When life dealt him an agonizing blow, Declan shut himself off. Then he met Bram. His heart told him he was ready to take a chance at love, but when push came to shove Declan turned away.

When Bram's past catches up with him and Declan becomes the pawn in a game of revenge, Bram will do anything to save him. Even if it means traveling to the place of his nightmares.

Reader Advisory: This story contains references to violent situations and to rape.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00